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Difference Between Post and Page in WordPress

Post and Page are two different default content types in WordPress. Both of these are used for different purposes in WordPress.

If you are new to the WordPress interface, then you need to know what type of content you should publish. For beginners, sometimes posts and pages may create confusion that what are the exact difference between pages and posts in WordPress.

In this article, I am going to explain in detail the key differences between posts and pages, their uses.

What is a Post in WordPress?

WordPress post is a common content type that is published and updated on the website. It has published and updated date along with what category it falls on. The blog post is the best example of the WordPress post. It is displayed in chronological order in terms of the date it published. The new blog posts are shown on the top of the page while old posts go down on the list.

When you are publishing a new post, you should publish it as a post. There might be many posts on a website. All of the can be updated, deleted at any time.

post in WordPress copy

The above image shows the interface of the post in the Gutenberg editor. Generally, you will have the following options in the post.

  • Categories – You can choose which category the specific post falls on. You can choose multiple categories as per your needs and requirement.
  • Tags – Tags are specific word phrases that post is related to. Tags are almost like categories but category covers the wide range of topics while tags are smaller in scope. If Digital Marketing is a category then #OnPageSEO, #LinkBuilding can be tagged. However, is Link Building is a separate category then there might be a different scenario.
  • Featured Image – Featured image is the thumbnail of the image that is displayed along with the post.
  • Excerpt – Excerpt is an optional text associated with a post. Most of the time, it is used as the post summary.

option in WordPress

There might be other options in the right sidebar. It all depends upon which theme are you using. A theme like Astra gives you lots of other options.

What is a Page in WordPress?

A page in WordPress is a stand-alone content type that does not fall in any category. Instead, it has got a parent page where you can create a child page (subpage) within a parent page. It does not have any published and updated dates.

On a website, the page is created for those content that does not change frequently. The page is useful for the static and timeless type of content on a website. The following image shows the interface of the new page in the Gutenberg editor.

Page in WordPress

Example of Pages are

  • Contact Page
  • About Page
  • Privacy Policy / Terms / Disclaimer
  • Team Section

Key Differences Between Post and a Page

The following are the key differences between posts and pages on a WordPress website.

Contains published/updated dateDoes not have published/updated date
Comes in chronological orderNo chronological order
I has categoriesDoes not have categories but have sub page (child page)
Timely blog postsTime less static content
Eg. Normal WordPress blogpostE.g About Page, Contact Page
Website contains many blog postsThere are limited pages in a website
Post contains comment sectionPage does not have comment section
Post has author detailsPost does not have author details
Posts are available in your RSS feedPages are not available in your RSS feed


So, these are the detail explanation between posts and pages in WordPress. You should use both of these according to your needs and requirements. I explain these two terms just for the sake of making beginners clear about the simple yet important topic.

If you have any queries and suggestions about WordPress basics, then just let me know from the comment section directly via email.

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